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Business Documentation

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    With us you will receive detailed information and assistance to the layout, style and formulas of the Bulgarian, British and American informal and business letter concerning:    

  • application for employment;
  • CV;
  • application for probation;
  • request for a recommendation
  • recommendation;  
  • delivery of goods;
  • complaints;
  • public auction;
  • carriage of goods;
  • customs and administrative formalities;
  • payment terms and invoicing;
  • linkages with foreign importers;
  • insurance and claims for damages suffered; 

    We will help you: 

  • to greet someone;
  • to thank him;
  • to express your sympathy and condolences;
  • to introduce yourself and say goodbye;
  • to book a hotel room or a private house;
  • make a phone call


  • Style and handwriting 
  • Translation  
  • Basic formulas in business letters