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   Anglomaks Ltd is a licensed Bulgarian translation agency. We offer an individual approach towards the projects of our clients. Our Bulgarian translators are proven and tested professionals, experts in their fields. We will work in close collaboration with you until satisfaction is achieved. We work quickly and always meet the specified deadline. We will take your orders even on holidays. Our prices are low and our terms are short. We strictly keep to our quality assurance processes . All our translators have signed a confidentiality agreement.


Law Consultations

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   The timely consultation with a jurist will save your time and money and is always a good investition. Anglomaks offers you professional law services in the most of the important areas of the Bulgarian law.

    We work with professionalists in this area and offer a full range of law services, searching for original and practical solutions for each individual and specific case.

   The price is agreed between the jurist and the client according to the type and the complexity of the case.



Pravni konsultacii





English Learning

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   We work with specialists in English studies and our services include:obuchenie_3

-individual and corporate education in English at a suitable for you place

-business English and English specialized in different areas of work

-education and consultations on the certificate exams FCE, CAE and CPE

-assistance with your children’s school preparation

Business Documentation

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    With us you will receive detailed information and assistance to the layout, style and formulas of the Bulgarian, British and American informal and business letter concerning:    

  • application for employment;
  • CV;
  • application for probation;
  • request for a recommendation
  • recommendation;  
  • delivery of goods;
  • complaints;
  • public auction;
  • carriage of goods;
  • customs and administrative formalities;
  • payment terms and invoicing;
  • linkages with foreign importers;
  • insurance and claims for damages suffered; 

    We will help you: 

  • to greet someone;
  • to thank him;
  • to express your sympathy and condolences;
  • to introduce yourself and say goodbye;
  • to book a hotel room or a private house;
  • make a phone call


  • Style and handwriting 
  • Translation  
  • Basic formulas in business letters







Legalization and Apostille

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                                          Certification and Legalization

   To legalize a document it has to have the necessary stamps and certifications of a Bulgarian or foreign authority on it, according to the requirements of Consular Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, and the translation to be performed by an authorized by the ministry agency. Wе will consult you and will assist you to certify and legalize your documents according to the requirements.

   Our agency performs:

-notary certification of documents;

-legalization of documents, issued in Bulgaria and abroad, in Consular Relations Directorate at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

   All the documents, issued abroad, no matter what they are, if they copies or originals, must have an Apostille, in order to be translated and the Consular Department to certify our translation.

   The Apostille is a certificate of the document issued by the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria according to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. It is necessary when the documents being translated are intended for a country that has signed the above convention. Each country individually designates the authorities that have the right to prepare apostilles.